Competition 2015 at Penn State- 1750 pounds!

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The competition weekend has finally come! The Lehigh Steel Bridge Team labored day and night to complete the bridge on time, working until 4am the night before leaving for competition. This year's event was held at Penn State's main campus on April 11-12, with schools including Maryland, Villanova, Lafayette, Bucknell, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and many others in attendance.

The competition weekend started with an exposition on Saturday, with all the bridges on display for the judges to evaluate. Lehigh's bridge stood boldly and tall with a strong arch superstructure, attracting the attention of judges and spectators alike. The remainder of Saturday included a presentation by the Lehigh Steel Bridge member Mike Drury on the Ethics of Engineering, as well as presentations by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The build and load competition was held on Sunday, as teams hustled to complete their bridges as quickly as possible for maximum points. The Lehigh Steel Bridge build team worked hard and efficiently together, communicating and helping each other assemble the bridge carefully. Although the team exceeded the maximum construction time of 45 minutes, the bridge was nevertheless strong and well crafted as it waited for the load and stress tests.

The first test conducted was the lateral load test. The bridge's deflection was within the limits of the test, which deemed it worthy of conducting the vertical load test. In the vertical load test, the bridge was able to hold an impressive 1750 pounds! This placed Lehigh in the top third of all load tested bridges. The bridge would have been able to hold more weight, had one weld not snapped and caused a bolt to shear. The bridge impressed all the teams in attendance, and the competition provided an invaluable learning experience for all members.

It has been a great year for the Lehigh University Steel Bridge Team. Valuable skills were learned, team members developed stronger bonds, and all the hard work certainly paid off with the results. The team is excited to use this year's progress as a springboard for next year, and hopes to make next year's bridge even better!

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2015 Competition Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

With the 2015 competition at Penn State quickly approaching, the Lehigh University Steel Bridge Team has been making excellent progress with the fabrication of the bridge. The team members have been working tirelessly day in and day out to construct the bridge with special attention to detail and craftsmanship. As the final pieces are being cut and welded together, their efforts are certainly paying off as the bridge comes into shape. Fabrication is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week, leaving an entire week to refine the bridge and practice assembly procedures for competition.


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Stage is Set, Steel is Cut


I'm pleased to say that fabrication is well underway. With most of the steel cut, we are prepared to grind, drill, and weld during this coming week and up until the day of the competition.

Needless to say, impressive falls short of describing the hard work done by the underclassmen thus far. After adjusting to the plasma cutter and band-saw with ease, I am certain they will be able to do the same with the MIG 140. Nothing but nylon.

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One Month to go...


With the competition one month away, LU Steel Bridge is prepared to garner every ounce of motivation and energy it has to complete fabrication in a month's time-span.

After the hiccups and mishaps that transpired last semester and early on this semester (snow-storms inclusive), we are prepared to put our best foot forward and proceed accordingly.

Design is finished, steel has been delivered, and schedule has been set; LU Steel Bridge is ready to rock and roll.

- Solidworks design; courtesy of Braden Frigoletto '17, Brittany Fisher '16, and Harry August '17.

- Solidworks design; courtesy of Braden Frigoletto '17, Brittany Fisher '16, and Harry August '17.

Hopeful programming...


The ATLSS Tour was a success. Our progress with the design, however, has met some dead ends. Our software needs are diminishing little by little. Access to SAP2000 has been fruitless thus far. But, I have faith we will figure it out.